Universal Laws

Don’t Confine The God – My Eureka Moment (1994)

Mahesh Sharma

Don’t Confine the

Omnipresent Existence

Well, in my life there are many those instances, which I can call as the moments of truth, the moments of realization, the moments of understanding – I term them as The Eureka Moments.

One such moment I want to share here with my fellow travelers, which not only changed the direction of my entire thinking but it also sowed the seed of curiosity in me which became the ultimate guiding principle of my this amazing jounrey, called LIFE.

A Memorable Night

Yeah, this was the Moment. I was posted in Bihar with an Army Unit and it was around 10:00 PM and us two friends were sitting in the lawn near our barrack. It was a cool night and a lovely breeze was flowing around. We usually discuss many things which are abstract in nature and also deep. During one such conversation, I didn’t remember exactly what was the point but the matter of The God came in our discussion.

And that day we had a talk of about two and a half hours.  He, my friend, was a complete devotee of the goddess and had a lot to say about God and its existence. On the other side, I being a little rational, wanted proof of his statement about The God. And we had a discussion which turned into a debate, of around two and half hours until midnight.

Don’t Confine The God

I still remember as on today, exactly where we sat, what was the surroundings, how was the weather, what we wore, and what exactly we discussed that night because that was a Eureka Moment for me about the existence of God. That night I really came to the conclusion that if we confine God to a statue, or a place, or a picture, we are just nullifying the universal truth “God is everywhere”, “God is in everything”, “God is shapeless”. I understood that we can’t place our foot on both boats at the same time. Either we believe that God is omnipresent or we confine it.  Both together are not possible.

Well that simple truth, changed my entire perspective of the world around me. It gave me a new direction to think. It provided me a solid foundation on which I can build on further. And I can link my interest in Humanity, Human Inhereht Behavior, and the connection of us human with this omnipresence existence, from that incident. 

Everything in Nature has its Importance

After that, I started seeing the importance of every creature on earth. I started to understand that everything in the universe has a purpose. Whether man or animal, whether plants or trees, whether small or big, whether moving or stationary. Everything in nature has a purpose. The God, The Omnipresent Existence is in everything, everywhere, and has its own significant role to play.

Beginning of a life-long Journey

If I look back today, I clearly see that it was the starting of my journey towards the unknown, towards the depths of the subconscious, towards the actual truth, towards the inside world of humans and towards the connection and correlation of us and the nature around us. Yet I still see there is a lot to be understood, to be aligned with, and to be accepted as far as the relationship of nature and us is concerned. And as this is a continuous journey and not a destination, I make sure to remind me more often that each and every moment I spent in my life is precious enough, important enough, and significant enough to be lived with gratitude, thankfulness, compassion, and curiosity. I also know that with each passing moment a lot of change of perspective and understanding has yet to come And they will surely come. And I am ready for it.

Like that one night, one specific moment, I call as The Eureka Moment, has the potential to change the course of my life, I believe that this can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. We all encounter our special precious moments in our lives. And few of us know how they impacted our lives direction for good.

This was the Eureka Moment which sowed the seed of going deep into understanding or you can say discovering the vast, unlimited, omnipresent existence.