Darshan Kumar. Another case study

Mahesh Sharma
This article is a part of the series called SUCCESS LIVES IS THE LAND OF FAILURE, where we disuss and know about the success journey of people we admire.

Last week in our weekly session the FEELING FRIDAY, we have discussed SUCCESS LIVES IN THE LAND OF FAILURE. This was an open and honest discussion about when we see someone successful and wish to become like him or her how conveniently we forget, overlook or ignore the journey that person had done to reach this place. How we just see him or her on the peak and forget about the valleys he or she had crossed to reach here. And how most of us want to achieve success, name and fame but we either ignore the failure, disappointment or despair on the journey or just want to avoid that.

In a series of live case studies of successful people around the globe in different areas of life here and highlighting their struggles, failures, and disappointment and the spirit of following their inner calling, I have come across the story of DARSHAN KUMAR whom we all have seen in recent blockbuster THE KASHMIR FILES and loved what he has done in the film. He is noticed now by almost everyone and at least we start to know that there is an actor named DARSHAN KUMAR.

But surprisingly he has been in the industry for more than two decades. The following is in his credit, and I can say about me only, I have never noticed him till now. See for yourself and ask yourself do we know that :

  • he acted against Priyanka Chopra in Mary Kom.
  • he acted with Farhan Akhtar in Toofan.
  • he played an important role in Family Man 2 against Manoj Bajpai.
  • he was with Aishwarya Rai and Randeep Huda in Sarbjeet.
  • he acted with Anushka Sharma in NH 10.
  • and was in many other movies like Ashoka The Great, Baghi 2, Mirza Juleit, Mujhe kuch kehna hain and others.

For the last 21 years he has been consistently working towards his passion or dream to make a name in the industry and today almost everyone in India and many Globally know him well. The Journey has been a roller coaster, filled with failures, disappointments and setbacks – but with consistency, grit and passion he focused on becoming better with every setback, failure and disappointment, learned from them, and tried again and again. And now after 21 years, this low budget, highly emotional, highly sensitive and highly controversial film THE KASHMIR FILES has put him on this pedestal, that very few actors reach.

NOTE: This is the interview of Darshan Kumar on <a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjS8OCmHuWdl5aWDUuU0M4g">Siddharth Kannan</a> Channel.

This is a case study for us and I encourage we should know about this actor and should let our kids know about him as well as an example of the phenomenon that Success is not about charisma, luck, taking shortcuts, cleverness or even resources – rather it is more about going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm consistency and passionate learning.

I, as a coach, meet many of the youngsters who create their names, have wealth and fame and have some role models. They want to become like them. They want to have money as they have. They want to have a name. They want to have a lifestyle like theirs. But one thing I see common in those youngsters is that they simply and conveniently ignore the journey of their role models which they took to reach here.

NOTE : This is the recording of our weekly session FEELING FRIDAY where we had discussed about how SUCCESS LIVES IN THE LAND OF FAILURE

My best wishes to all of those who are on their way to following their dreams. Keep going. Keep consistently following your inner calling. Keep your passion alive and you will find that success, name and fame are the byproducts of the same.

Have a great time ahead.

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