The services offered here are customized to the needs of the organization, entities, and individuals. Apart from that there are some exclusive programs developed after years of research, observations and hands-on experience and those also can be considered to be customized to fit the needs of organization, entities, and individuals. Here are brief details of each service :

Personal One to One Coaching

Focused on individuals addressing their challenges in professional and personal lives. Helping them to see the challenges in a new perspective, empowering them to understand and accept before moving on to solve or face those challenges, equipping them to deal with the challenges in an effective way, while making sure their self-esteem, self-love, and self-respect remains high and they will come out as winner in their own game. For details of the program and methodology please click here.


Corporate Learning Solutions

Highly focused on Nurturing the Human side of Enterprise as the biggest and most important asset for an organization or entity is not its infrastructure, its equipment or types of machinery. The biggest asset for an organization is its people. And an organization spends most of its time in either dealing with people or solving people’s issues. And by keeping this theme in the center all the programs focused and aimed at Nurturing the Human Side of the Organisation for making the organization best place to work, the best place to dedicate peoples energies and the place where they feel more valued, more satisfied, more respected and more challenged every day. For details of the program and methodology please send your query here.

Learning Solutions for Professional and Educational Institutes

Programs are designed for both students and faculty in the areas of human potential development, communication, emotional intelligence, empathy, motivation, heart-centered leadership and other aspects of effective learning and teaching. The programs are designed in such a way that they serve the organization by equipping and empowering students and faculty to know and understand themselves better and make learning a lifetime experience for becoming better as a human being first then anything else. For details of the program and methodology please send your query here.


Open Workshops, Events and Retreats

Speciliased Programs in the Fields of Energy Psychology, Behavioural Sciences, Emotional Health & Wellness.

The psychology, mind-body connection, behavioral and energy sciences are making a way in the mainstream. Whether its the area of medicine, mental health, stress, and anxiety or lifestyle induced critical diseases, the connection of mind and body is becoming more and more evident day by day. Our programs are designed to focus on this subconscious but very strong connection between mind and body. The programs are aimed at helping individuals to unlock their full potential, understand the underlying connection of thoughts and emotions to our life’s satisfaction and significance and overall making sure we live the day at its fullest while going towards attaining the state of happiness. For details of the program and methodology please send your query here.