Coaching is entirely different from speaking, influencing, advising or motivating.

Mahesh Sharma

“With great power comes great responsibility. And If you are in the helping industry and that too in the personal coaching arena, the biggest asset of yours is EMPATHY and UNDERSTANDING PERSPECTIVE. It’s absolutely fine with having a tag of highest-paid motivational speaker or having a goal to change a million lives or to become the biggest influencer but calling yourself a coach without understanding the difference between ‘advising, suggesting, directing, motivating and ‘facilitating, empowering, and equipping, is not fine.

Coaching is entirely different from speaking, influencing, advising, or motivating.

“In the above clip, which is a part of Tony Robbins “Unleash The Power Within event, held in Mar 2019, you will understand the difference between a coach, speaker, and influencer and what people expect from a coach.”

A lot of motivational speakers, corporate trainers, and anyone with the ability to speak or influence call themselves a LIFE COACH too. And they can do it without any restriction. But do they even actually know what it means to be a coach and what is the difference between a coach or a speaker or trainer?

Coaching is a very different ballgame than speaking, motivating, and influencing. The coach in the coaching process is almost invisible and has no intentions to motivate, influence or get the limelight. All real coaches know that all the motivation, courage, and potential is always already present there inside of the person, and the coaches are only there to just helping him/her to see and realize that what is already there.

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