The difference between Knowing, Understanding and Imbibing

Mahesh Sharma

Hi everyone. This is the COACHING INSIGHTS series and today I would like to share with you the difference between KNOWING, UNDERSTANDING & IMBIBING.

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The difference between

Knowing, Understanding and Imbibing

Do we really understand the difference between knowing, understanding and imbibing? Well, I think most of us know the difference and we also know that imbibing is much much tougher than knowing and understanding.

The Biggest Challenge Today

The biggest challenge nowadays we are facing is that we have everything at our fingertips to know and even to understand, but very seldom do we find something which will help us Imbibe that knowledge and understanding and apply this in our day-to-day life to get the desired results. And because of that after even having knowledge and understanding, we are not able to implement that knowledge and information in our lives and moreover feel confused, dis-empowered or sometimes even helpless.

The Truth

The truth is – the knowledge and understanding are like a plan of a building on paper, like a blueprint of a home or a building and though it is necessary and mandatory this is not at all enough to build that structure.

The knowledge and understanding are necessary and sometimes mandatory but it is not enough to get the results we are looking for. We need to put that knowledge and understanding into practice and there is no shortcut to that. No magic formula.

The Insight

A well-erected structure is not built just by knowledge and understanding, it is built when that knowledge and understanding is put to practical use on a daily basis, with dedication, discipline, hard work and an optimistic attitude. The same way that desired result we are looking forward to will not be there only by knowing and understanding the stuff. The desired result we will get only after we put that knowledge and understanding into practice, imbibing that into our daily lives and putting it to use in a consistent and progressive manner.

So let’s put that knowledge and understanding into consistent action & practice i.e. imbibe that knowledge and understanding in our lives and do our best to get the desired results.

Have a great time ahead.

See you all soon again.


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