Why I feel EFT is a paradigm shift in self-development field ?

Mahesh Sharma
When I was introduced to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) in the year 2008, it was like I found the missing link which I was searching for.

Emotions play a vital role in our success, relationships, and self-growth.

Before that nobody gave the approval that emotions play a vital role in our success, relationships, and self-growth.  Everyone I met, including the alternative healing masters, some spiritual gurus or leadership coaches – they told me or rather informed me and tried their best to prove to me that emotions are nothing but a sign of weakness and I should have a practical approach towards life – I should consider Mind – I should consider Occult things – I should be looking to inculcate leadership qualities – But no one told me or even validated my point on emotions.

Well I am really thankful for all those who came into my life, criticized me, taught me, dis-approved my observations, advised me, directed me – because they have done so with their own experience, and what they felt worked for them – their intentions were good – they were my well-wishers. But I was still feeling that there is something missing because I was able to see the anger, greed, jealousy, insecurities, least compassion, least empathy in those who were showing me the way to success in life.  And I was thinking if they themselves are filled with these negative, selfish, opportunistic, and almost utterly manipulative thinking how they claim that this is the way to ultimate success.

And moreover, even their own theories have lots of contradiction – one way they used to say, whatever they focus on they could achieve, and on the other hand they used occult methods to manipulate the energy around them.  On the one hand, they used to say that your mind has the biggest power and on the other hand they said your mind is a manipulator. On the one hand, they used to say that there is a power bigger than us and on the other hand, they said we ourselves can do whatever we want.  On one side they used to teach people or rather preach to people that thinking positive is the key to success and on the other hand, they say without manipulations and smartness nothing you can achieve. On one hand, they had this tag of Guru or Coach and on the other hand, they believe that people are fools and we just need to know the way to bring the money out of their pocket.

Well, all this made me think about what is the missing link here? why these people who claim to be highly successful and knowledgeable were struggling with their relationships? Why these so-called masters of mind still were not able to take the jealousy and anger out of their minds?  Why these people put the least value on relationships, ethics, and values?  And why these so-called gurus or teachers or experts put no value on how a person feels?
And that quest of discovering that missing link directed me toward researching the emotional aspect of our being.  And I was recommended by one of my friends that I must learn EFT which is a new method in energy psychology but very effective in healing and self-development.  And I went to Mr. Pankaj Gupta’s workshop of EFT.  And that was the day or rather one and a half-day, which showed me the way to that missing link.  I found out about emotions, their functioning, their impact on health, self-esteem, and success.  I started the research on my level and tried to connect the dots with my earlier experiences and knowledge. And came to a conclusion, which was yet another “Eureka Moment’ of my life.
I came to the conclusion that 
  • Our emotional health is much more important than our physical health, actually, if we take care of our emotional health our physical health will take care of itself.
  • Our intentions are more important than our desires.
  • The more you are clearer from inside, the clearer the life you have outside.
  • Our feelings are faster than our thoughts.
  • The biggest blockage in the road to success, fame, and happiness is the negative unresolved emotions.
Well, that was the time I started using the technique called EFT, on my own challenges of self-esteem, fear, and relationships and found a tremendous paradigm shift in my thinking as well as the ability to react and understand the situation.
Today EFT is one of my main tools when I work with people and still as of today I have EFT procedure as an integral part of my own daily life.  EFT is unique in many ways.  Some of the reasons why this is such a powerful and effective tool are as follows :
  • It’s simple.  Ya, it’s really simple.  Even kids can learn it.
  • No technical jargon.
  • No hi-fi names.
  • No stringent procedures.
  • No fear-driven strategies.
  • No hollow rituals.
  • No side effects.
  • It goes with your feelings.
  • It has a powerful approach to ACCEPT YOURSELF as the first step to moving towards finding solutions.
  • It has an inbuilt ability to connect with your core.
  • It can’t be manipulated in any way.
  • It works on almost every disease, discomfort, and challenges whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional.
  • It is an ultimate empowering tool.
Well, I am sure when you understand the emotional connection to our health, overall well-being, and success – that will be a  ‘Eureka Moment’ for you too. And then you also tend to see this innate ability of human being’s existence, called ‘feelings’-’emotions’ – that we as humans ‘feels’, his emotions- as an ultimate personal empowering tool.

One thought on “Why I feel EFT is a paradigm shift in self-development field ?

  1. Very true, first step should be to empower those emotions in us that are sometimes manipulated and misused by others,as our weapons.

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